3 golden rules to avoid cost overruns when working on a construction project

A project construction cost can really spin out of control if you're not careful. That's why you need to plan yourself way before you begin the project, and identify any factors that may lead to such cost overruns. In most cases, poor planning is the number one cause of increasing costs during the project, but unforeseen emergencies can also contribute to this. To prevent the headaches of having to dig deeper into your pockets when working on that construction project, here are some major tips to consider.

Hire land surveyors

Land surveyors should be among the first people to analyse the landscape before you begin your project. They are a great asset if you want to prevent any unforeseen circumstances. Land surveyors map out the area and try to identify any geographical features that may affect your construction project either positively or negatively.

If there are hidden electrical and water networks, a land surveyor would find that out. They'll also be in a position to note any movement of the land surface or subsidence and provide valuable insight. That way, you'll have no surprises once you start constructing.

Avoid changing of schedules

One thing that really escalates the costs is changing the schedule. You need to stay organised and stick to the budget you agreed with your contractors. If you decided to source any materials yourself, then ensure that the materials are present when the constructor needs them.

Also keep up with any paperwork that's required. Ensure that everything is properly permitted and have an idea of all the due dates. You don't want the local authorities to give you a stop work order as that can lead to delays and additionally cost you a lot in terms of fines.

Begin your construction works off season

Another way to avoid cost overruns is by working offseason. Aim for the time when the construction industry is at a standstill because that can really slash the prices down. A good time to start your project would be in the winter or right after Christmas.

Contractors are generally less busy at this time, and apart from paying less for the job, they'll give you all their attention so you can be sure that you'll get the best service. They'll also be a lot more flexible and meet your schedule. Additionally, you'll also be in a better position to get your permits and legal documents as the government offices are also less busy. 

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