5 Advantages That Make Concrete Blocks The Best Choice For Retaining Walls

Retaining walls on a garden are a great feature to have. They serve both a functional and an aesthetic role. They help to reclaim sloping grounds while creating visually pleasing walls surfaces and garden sections. Numerous products can be used for this role; however, modern concrete retaining walls have so many perks over their competitors that it's hard not to call them the best option. And here's why.

They are highly durable against moisture, fire, and other threats

Concrete retaining walls are very durable and are virtually indestructible under normal conditions. They cannot rot due to moisture, they cannot get infested by pests, they cannot warp and bend out of shape, and they cannot burn in case of a fire. They therefore offer great value for money because you will never have to replace them in the course of your garden's life.

They offer a very high level of structural support

Concrete retaining wall blocks are very robust. They help to pin elevated garden sections with the same integrity applied in the construction of buildings, bridges or dams. No matter how challenging the application is, concrete retaining wall blocks will get the job done. That's because they contain a highly compacted mix of concrete that is very dense. Besides that, the concrete blocks are usually installed one atop the other thereby creating one large formidable barrier.

They are easy to install

For such a strong retaining wall, concrete blocks are quite simple to install. They may require some equipment to lift but the process is very straightforward. Basically, the blocks are just laid on top of each other and the joints are held together by steel H-beams or concrete posts. So once the posts are erected, all that remains is to pile the blocks to the required height. Other stand-alone blocks just need to be positioned on the ground in a line.

They can be recycled and used for many other applications

Should you ever need to remove your concrete retaining walls for any reason, you will be happy to know that they can be used for many other uses. For example, concrete sleepers can also be used as edgers, pavers or planter boxes in the garden. They can also be used to create a fence around a perimeter wall. Other applications include sheds, garages, car ports, patios, gazebos, etc.  

They offer lots of great design options to suit any garden

Last but not least, concrete blocks offer a huge design variety that will allow you to add an element of architectural excellence to your garden. That's because concrete retaining walls come in designs such as stone, slate, timber, brick, etc. You can therefore use the blocks to create a particular theme across your garden very easily.

So if you are worried that you might not find a retaining wall that is strong enough, durable enough or with enough design-appeal, try concrete retaining blocks.

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