Balancing Beautiful Turf and Active Children: Tips and Ideas for Parents

If you have children, you want to encourage them to play outside, but sometimes, all that activity can be hard on your grass. Want to have beautiful looking turf and a yard that works well for children to play in? Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Choose a hearty variety of turf that can handle lots of wear

When you start looking for cheap quality turf, you will find a lot of different options. Ideally, you want to choose turf that is drought resistant and can handle lots of sun as well as shade. However, you also want turf that can endure a lot of foot traffic -- if you have kids who play outside a lot, your grass is going to face a lot more activity than it would if you lived on your own. In particular, couch grass and soft-leaf buffalo grass both offer high wear tolerance, meaning they stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

2. Let new turf get established

If you opt to put in new turf, make sure that you follow the installer's instructions. In most cases, turf professionals recommend that you leave the grass alone for a certain amount of time before you start using it. That allows it to get established and helps to ensure it can withstand pressures like children playing. While your grass gets established, plan lots of outings to parks so your children don't play in your yard.

3. Consider synthetic grass

If you ultimately decide that your kids are too hard on real grass, you may want to consider synthetic turf. Synthetic turfs can give your yard the same look as real grass. However, you never have to worry about it being taken over by weeds or getting brown due to lack of watering. Instead, it always look great. It can also feature soft textures and cool temperatures that can be especially appealing to kids who like to get into the grass and play.

4. Design separate, not grassy play areas

If you aren't in the market for new grass or if you decide to save money by putting in turf that is only rated to handle medium wear, you may want to design some separate play areas. Rather than putting grass in these areas, cover them with sand or wood chips. That way, when your kids are landing at the bottom of the slide, dragging their feet on the ground under the swing or digging an imaginative hole, they are doing it safely surrounded by sand or wood chips, rather than threatening your yard.

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