4 Situations in Which you Should Consider Installing a Soakwell

A soakwell is a specialist container which is buried beneath the earth. It is designed to collect rainwater and then gradually disperse it into the earth which surrounds the soakwell. If you have recently purchased a new property or piece of land, you may be wondering if you need to install a soakwell. Below are four situations in which you may need in install one.

The land surrounding the property has sitting water on it

If the land which surrounds your property has sitting water on it, this is a strong sign that there are irrigation problems. You should inspect that land in different weather conditions. While it is not unusual for land to acquire some surface water after a heavy and prolonged rainstorm, the water should eventually be absorbed into the soil. If rainwater remains on the surface until it is evaporated by the sun, you should consider installing a soakwell.

The landscape is being eroded by rainwater

As well as looking for signs of standing water, you should also make a note of any erosion of soil caused by rainwater. You may notice that the water is cutting channels into the soil or weakening higher land as it flows into pools. One way of preventing erosion such as this is by installing a soakwell on your land.

The basement of your property has a history of flooding

If the property you have purchased has a basement, you should check the history of the building or have the property inspected for signs of past flooding. It could be that there is a problem with the surrounding landscape which requires a soakwell to prevent the soil from becoming overwhelmed by rainwater.

You plan to construct a concrete surface on your land

As well as considering the current effect of rainwater and drainage on your land, you should also consider the impact of any developments you wish to make to the area. If you are planning to construct a non-porous surface such as a concrete drive, you should also consider installing a soakwell. This is because non-porous surfaces such as concrete reduce the surface area of your property which can absorb rainwater and increase the amount of run off.

If you have any questions about soakwells, you should contact a landscaping company which specialises in this type of equipment. They will be able to advise and help you to make the right decision.

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