4 Steps To Creating A Simple But Decent Garden In Your Home

A garden is a great addition for any home that has a space to accommodate one. And if you just want to create a simple garden, you can do it in a very simple way as long as you have an idea of the end result that you want to create. You don't have to go all out and bring in a team of contractors to overhaul your back yard. See how you can create a simple but decent garden in just 4 steps.

Step one: Clear and level the ground

To create a garden on your deserted backyard, you first must clear whatever vegetation of structures you have on there. For this, seek excavation services from a landscaping or earthmoving company. The excavator will clear the land easily. It will also level the ground and rake through it to soften the top soil. This will only take a day, at the end of which your backyard will be ready for the next phase.

Step two: Install turf

If you haven't been keen on maintaining a garden and want something simple and fast, the best solution at this point is to install turf. Turf will turn your bare backyard from brown to green overnight. You can go for natural grass or artificial grass. If choosing the former, be keen to choose a variety that grows well in the area. Also, ask for one that requires little maintenance. You'll need to water and fertilise the ground before the turf is laid. However, if you don't want to be bothered with maintenance, install artificial turf; it needs almost zero work.

Step three: Install edgers and pavers

So now that your garden is level and has turf on it, it's time to add some design and definition to it. Mark out a path that leads across the garden. A one-metre wide path will do just fine. Use an edger or a shovel to cut along the path and remove the turf that falls in between. Then use bricks, stone, slate or railings to mark the edges of the path on both sides. On the path, where the turf you just removed was, install some pavers. You can use cobblestones, stones, brick or even slate for this.

Step four: Plant a few trees

For the final touch, mark out a few locations where you can plant trees, preferably along the far edge of the garden. Buy some seedlings and plant the trees by digging shallow holes into the soil. You can use a shovel or auger for this. Space the holes about 3 metres at the minimum. Add fertiliser and place the trees and water after returning the dirt.

And there you have it, your own simple but decent garden in just four steps. You can do the work yourself or you can have a landscaper handle it for you.

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