How To Fix A Cracked Concrete Bird Bath

A concrete bird bath makes an attractive garden monument and can be a real feature of interest in your landscape, not to mention a magnet for thirsty birds during the hot, summer months.  However, time and the elements can take their toll on the structure and minor damage can occur.  Fortunately, small areas of damage and cracks can be repaired quite easily with a little time and effort.

Here's how to repair minor cracks and dings to your feathered friends' spa!

What you'll need

  • silicone concrete sealant
  • cement
  • stiff brush
  • household bleach
  • palette knife
  • spray bottle
  • plastic wrap

How to do it

One of the most important elements of this job is allowing the concrete to dry out completely between stages.  It's therefore a good job to do during the summer, when you know that the weather will be suitable.  You might like to offer thirsty, dusty birds an alternative while their usual water source is out of commission so consider putting out a large, shallow bowl of water for them as an alternative.

  1. Your first job is to clean the bird bath so that it is free from mould, algae, and general dirt.  To do this, mix a small quantity of household bleach with hot water and use a stiff brush to give the whole bird bath a thorough scrub.  Allow the bird bath to dry completely before proceeding.  
  2. Once the bird bath is dry, take the silicone sealant and use it to repair any obvious cracks.  Force the sealant right down into the cracks so that it creates a good seal.  Allow the sealant to dry.  
  3. Next, make-up the cement as per the instructions on the packaging.  You want the end result to have a fairly stiff consistency, like grout.
  4. Now dampen any blemishes and cracks with clean water and pull away any loose bits of concrete.  Use a palette knife to smooth on the cement and allow it to dry thoroughly.  
  5. When the cement is dry, use a spray bottle filled with clean water to mist the whole thing, and then cover it with plastic wrap.  Over the next five days, once a day, remove the plastic wrap and re-mist the bird bath.  
  6. On the sixth day, remove the plastic wrapping and allow the bird bath to dry out completely in the fresh air.  Your bird bath is now water-tight and ready for use.

In conclusion

If you have a concrete bird bath in your garden, you can repair minor damage quickly and easily by following the above guidelines.  If the bird bath has fallen over and sustained major damage, it would probably be safer and more practical to simply replace it.  Your local landscape services contractor may be able to supply you with a suitable replacement.

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