3 Top Mower Care Tips

A very important part of the landscape contractors' kit is a ride-on or push lawn mower.  Mowers are expensive to buy and replace so you'll want to make sure yours lasts you a long time and continues to work efficiently.  In addition, downtime during the summer season can be costly.

Here are some top tips to help your mower stay reliable and last longer.


Using the wrong fuel in your mower can kill the carburettor very quickly.  For this reason you should always use petrol with an ethanol content of under 10 per cent (E10). 

When you put your mower away for the winter, remember to add a fuel stabiliser to stop the petrol and water from separating.  If you don't use a stabiliser, the mower will suck-up water, rather than petrol when it is started up again in the spring.  This can cause damage and corrosion to the engine, resulting in an unreliable machine and an expensive repair bill.

Tyre pressure

In order for your mower to cut the grass evenly, the tyre pressure must be correct.  If the tyre pressure is 'off', the mower's deck will be unlevel, placing a strain on parts of the mower's engine and giving a poor cut.  Get into the habit of checking your mower's tyre pressure each time you use it, especially after it has been in storage over the winter months.

Basic maintenance

Before you abandon your mower to storage for the winter, there are some basic maintenance tasks that should be carried out.

Look through your mower's manual to identify the grease fittings that need regular greasing and attend to this task first.  This will prevent metal rubbing on metal, which will lead to wear and tear on your mower.

Throughout the season and before the mower is put into winter storage, it's important that you have it serviced regularly.  Having the oil and filters changed on a regular basis will keep the mower running sweetly and reliably, which is extremely important for landscapers who use their machines for up to ten hours each day during the summer growing season.  Having filters changed regularly is especially important during the summer when the ground is dry and dusty.

In conclusion

You can keep your mower running sweetly all year around by following the care tips given above.  For more advice and information on how to look after your mower, have a chat with your local dealer or supplier. 

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