Five Top Tips For Garden Party Success.

Garden parties are the epitome of contemporary hospitality and entertainment. Popularity of these alfresco events has sky rocketed in recent times due to the simplicity of their organisation and the desired laid back and welcoming atmosphere. They can be adapted and themed for any occasion from birthdays to new year celebrations, and although there will be slight variations in decorations or design, a few common components remain the same. Follow these hints and tips to ensure your garden party is a success and the envy of all your guests.

1. Food and drink a plenty.

For any party, a good supply of food and drink is a must. But with garden parties you need to also consider how you are going to store this. If trekking back and forth to the refrigerator seems like too much hassle every time somebody needs a drink, invest in some outdoor mini fridges or coolers. Alternatively, use conveniently placed buckets filled with ice for make-shift coolers that are easy to access. Where possible, freshly prepare and cook any food on site and service to your guests immediately. On an important note, ensure any food, hot or cold, is stored properly and kept away from bugs or insects. Finding a fly in your burger is a sure fire way to put a dampener on the celebrations and you want your food to be remembered for the right reasons.

2. Feed that fire.

A fire pit or a mini bonfire are two important features that characterise a good garden party. Invest in a purpose built furnace or create your own by clearing a space and making an enclosure with bricks or concrete. However, ensure that this is not a health hazard. Always have a fire extinguisher on hand and keep a reasonable distance between your fire and anything flammable. Remember, safety first!

Another useful tip is too ensure you don't run out of fuel. Buy your firewood in bulk and store it in a safe location. Having bulk firewood on hand will mean your bonfire isn't in danger of fizzling out just as the party is getting into full swing. 

3. Entertainment is everything.

Entertainment can make or break a party. When organising your garden extravaganza, take your guest list into consideration and book or arrange some entertainment that is sure to steal the show. This may be as simple as party games that get everyone up and going or a singer or band to provide some musical amusement. Whatever your choice, you will know your guests best, and can make a choice that will leave your party goers in awe of you genius organisation and entertainment skills.

4. Don't create a disturbance.

For any outdoor events, you will need to consider noise pollution. In some areas you may even need a permit to hold an outdoor gathering after a certain time. A little research of your own area's rules and regulations should provide you with a little more information and prevent your party from meeting with a premature end at the arrival of law enforcement. For added ways to keep the peace, give your neighbours plenty of notice about your party. Provide them with dates and times, or even invite a few along if you're on especially friendly terms.

5. And finally...enjoy.

Providing a relaxed atmosphere in which people are free to be themselves, is the best way to ensure a successful party. Parties are meant to be celebrations, so don't panic over a few small details that don't go to plan. Spend quality time with your guests and enjoy the festivities. After all, it is your company and hospitality that makes your party unique.

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