5 Landscaping Tips That Won't Break the Bank

Transforming your garden into an attractive and well-designed space doesn't have to cost a lot of money. By making financially savvy decisions about the plants and other garden supplies you purchase, you can make over your outdoor space without blowing your household budget. Use these five tips to landscape your garden on a budget.

1. Buy Wholesale

Buying plants from a retail store can be very expensive, particularly if you need a large number of plants to reseed all those unsightly bare flower beds in your garden. A less expensive option is to visit a wholesale nursery where you can find all the plants you need for as little as half as much as their typical retail cost.

2. Get the Rocky Look

Fecund flowerbeds are beautiful, but they can be very expensive to set up and maintain. A less expensive and equally stylish option is to turn part of your outdoor space into a rock garden, which requires little maintenance. Purchase landscaping rocks in bulk and use them to create an attractive contemporary design.

3. Make Your Own Planters

You don't have to buy expensive wooden planters to create a beautiful garden. Why not make your own from reclaimed materials? All you need is an old wood pallet, some garden fabric, and a few basic tools to build a beautiful planter that can show off your plants.

4. Grow Your Own Lawn

Having a limited landscaping budget doesn't mean giving up on your dream of a lush green lawn, but it does mean taking a more affordable approach than rolling out perfect turf. Growing your own lawn from grass seed is a less expensive alternative. To turn cheap grass seed into a perfect green lawn, remember to regularly water the seedlings and apply fertilizer to help them grow.

5. Take Cuttings of Your Favourite Plants

If you have friends or family members with beautiful gardens, you might not have to buy any plants at all. Many varieties grow just as well from cuttings as they do from seed. Take a tour of your friends' and neighbours' gardens to see which plants you like, and then use garden shears to take cuttings of the ones you want to grow in your garden. Taking a cutting doesn't usually harm the donor plant, but it is polite to ask permission before you start snipping at your friends' foliage. Once you get your cuttings home, nurture them in small pots until they are strong enough to transfer to your garden.

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