6 Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Exterior Landscape

If you love to garden and are blessed with a green thumb, you will soon be blessed with an abundance of fresh flowers. Whether you grow your own fresh flowers in a greenhouse or plant them around your landscape, you can use those beautiful blossoms to make your exterior landscape more elegant, more charming and more inviting.

There are countless ways to incorporate the fresh flowers you grow into your exterior landscape. Some of these ideas might seem obvious, while others are a bit off the wall. Either way, here are a few ideas for adding fresh flowers to the exterior of your home.

Surround your mailbox.

A mailbox by the curb or by your front door is a necessity, but a plain mailbox can be a real eyesore. Use your fresh flowers to dress up your mailbox and make it pop. Whether you plant a ring of fresh flowers around the box or just add a hanging plant to the post, the flowers you grow can beautify your home's exterior in countless ways.

Show off your flagpole.

You are a patriotic Australian, and as such you fly the flag proudly. Why not make your flagpole even more beautiful with a ring of fresh flowers? Just lay out some decorative stones in a circular pattern, fill it with soil and fresh flowers and let it grow.

Edge your garden.

Starting a vegetable garden is a great way to grow food for your family, but did you know flowers make great edging plants for vegetable gardens. You can diversify your garden and make it grow more abundantly by planting an edging row of colorful flowers.

Add a hanging basket to your front door.

A hanging basket is a great way to welcome visitors to your home, so pick one up and fill it with fresh flowers from your garden.

Line your walkway.

A walkway gives visitors a safe path to your front door, but you do not have to settle for a plain line of stepping stones. Just line your exterior pathway with an assortment of colorful flowers, then sit back and wait for the compliments.

Create a garden path with real flowers from your garden.

Your garden is a special place -- an oasis of calm in a troubled world. You can make it even more special by lining the path there with your own fresh flowers.

If you love to grow flowers, you can share your love of nature by upgrading your exterior landscape. The ideas listed above can get you started, and the rest is up to you. You can also contact a home landscape service to help you get your garden in top shape.

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