3 Lawn Edger Problems You Might Encounter

Have you just bought your first lawn edger? Below are some of the likely problems that you may encounter as you use this particular lawn maintenance tool. You can use the suggested remedies to get the equipment to work again without calling an expert for help.

Stationary blades

The blades of your lawn edger may remain stationary as you are operating the equipment. Three factors can cause this problem. First, the cover of the blades may have become clogged with mud, grass or dirt. Alternatively, the blades may have stopped moving because you set them very deep. Installation problems, such as loose blade nuts, can also prevent the blades from rotating. It is therefore helpful for you to eliminate each of these causes by examining your equipment. Fix the specific factor that is responsible for the problem. For example, reset the depth of the blades in case you were cutting very deep.

Heavy vibration

You may also notice that your lawn edger vibrates excessively while in use. Such an occurrence may be caused by the installation of an inappropriate blade. Check and confirm that the blade you are using has the correct specifications given for that model and make of lawn edger. The drive or clutch of your edger may also be worn out. This can trigger the equipment to vibrate while being used. This problem is technical and requires the involvement of a trained person.

Stalled engine

Lawn edger engines may run and stall intermittently. This problem can start when the fuel tank is dirty. The dirt prevents fuel from flowing at a steady rate to keep the engine running consistently. A flooded engine can also stall. A failure to push the primer bulb sufficiently can also cause the engine to run intermittently. Insufficient fuel can also lead to the same issue. These are problems that you can fix within a short time. For example, refilling the fuel tank with clean fuel can solve the problem of dirty fuel. Similarly, pulling the primer bulb as advised by the manufacturer can make the engine to run smoothly.

Always follow the steps that are given in the manual when you are attempting to fix the problems above. Ask a service technician for help in case the problems keep recurring. In this way, you will avoid wasting a lot of time and money on DIY solutions that may not help to rectify the problem affecting your equipment.

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