Three possible reasons why your borehole is not delivering enough water

Before contractors begin water bore drilling, they do a lot of research on the chosen area. The aim of this study is to establish the position of the water table and figure out whether it has enough water to sustain the needs of the hole which will be dug. It is, therefore, not common to come across situations where the borehole is not producing as much water as it was projected for both the wet and the dry season. Here are a few reasons why water being received by a borehole could be waning as time goes by.

Blockages in the pump's inlet

One of the most common causes of reduction in borehole water levels is when the pump's inlet is blocked by plastic bags and other foreign objects. In this case, you start by inspecting the pipe to try and find out if there are foreign objects. If the obstruction is not serious, you can use sticks to push or pull the objects out of the pipe. On the other hand, when the clog is large and complex, you will need an expert to help with the unblocking.

Changes in the environment

The ground acts as a sponge when it comes to the absorption of water. When the soil has good water retention capacity, the water which comes from the rain will be retained in the aquifer for long, and the borehole will not dry up during the dry season. On the other hand, sandy soils which do not retain water well will lead borehole dryness during the dry season. Another factor which affects the amount of water retained is the ground surface area. When an area becomes too developed, with pavements and taring, there will be less ground surface for water to soak through, limiting water levels in the aquifer.

Leaks in the pipes

When there is a leak on any part of the borehole system, it will be very difficult for the borehole to deliver the amount of water that it should. A simple investigation of the water levels in the aquifer versus the water being pumped will help you establish if the water is getting lost somewhere along the way.

It is possible to have reliable water from a borehole. However, this is only possible when all the factors above are addressed. A borehole drilling and maintenance professional is the best person to handle all issues related to water availability in the borehole.

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