Should You Landscape Your Yard With Buffalo Turf?

While buffalo turf has been a landscaping supply for several decades, it has only recently started gaining popularity among more Aussie homeowners. In years past, buffalo grass was not a top choice for landscaping residential spaces since it was quite scratchy. However, with the advent of the soft leaf variety of buffalo turf, more and more people are paying attention to this type of turf and opting to grow it in their yards due to the numerous advantages that it offers. If you have never considered buffalo turf for your lawn, read the following strengths of this grass that will definitely be beneficial to your yard.

Buffalo turf is tolerant to shade

Australia can be extremely hot. But this does not mean you should not spend time on your lawn when the weather is favourable. The best solution to the heat is erecting a shaded area that will allow you to stay protected from the sweltering heat. However, some grass species will not do well in shaded areas, causing them to wilt and die, leaving unsightly brown patches on your lawn. Buffalo turf is the best grass for individuals that want a lush lawn but do not want to forsake their shade, since this grass is incredibly tolerant to shade.

Buffalo turf is appealing

The appearance of buffalo turf is characterised by broad, wide leaves. This shape of leaves adds a different type of visual interest to your lawn as compared to regular blades of grass. The unique appearance of the buffalo grass leaves adds a unique character to your lawn that will make your outdoor area have a different vibe. Furthermore, the exceptional appearance of buffalo turf will inadvertently boost the value of your home, too!

Buffalo turf is resistant to drought

Landscaping your yard in Australia can be expensive due to the spreading drought. Thus, when you are choosing grass to plant in your garden, you need to ensure you are not choosing a species that will require incessant watering for it to thrive. If you choose the wrong type of grass, you will find you have wasted your money because the species will not thrive. The great thing about buffalo turf is that it is very tolerant to drought. Therefore, if you do not want to water your lawn on a daily basis, you may want to consider buffalo turf since it will save you some money on your utility costs in the long term. 

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